News Lists & Posts Sliders

Insert your news & posts anywhere on your page. Choose from 8 awesome styles. Attract your visitors with stunning content sliders.

With “News & Posts” shortcode you can insert a list of your news or blog posts in any section of your page or sidebar. You can choose from 8 different awesome appearance styles, you can control the categories and posts to be displayed as well as the number of news or posts (or both) to be shown. In addition you can mix all these styles in different column layouts and control pagination.

News and Posts List Type 1
News and Posts List Type 2
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Default List
Masonry List
News Lists Type 3

You can make carousels with “News & Posts” shortcode. “Posts Grid” shortcode is another great way to highlight your posts & news in a grid way. And with “Posts Slider” shortcode you are able to insert another pages in the given page, sliding them with different effects. It is a great way to create CTA & Features teasers on a page, highlighting the key facts & advantages of your product or service.

News and Posts Carousel List
Posts Grid
Posts Slider Type 2
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